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    Signs You Need to Waterproof Your Basement

    Between the snow and the rain, there is always moisture waiting to invade Pittsburgh’s basements. Many homeowners think that it is common for basements to be somewhat damp, particularly when they are unfinished. However, a damp basement is not only unhealthy, it is a sign that there is a problem that needs to be addressed, before serious complications occur. Addressing the problem early on can save both money and hassle – and here are a few signs that your basement may be in need of waterproofing:

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    Does My Basement Need Waterproofing

    Does my basement need waterproofing?

    It is common for many homeowners in Pittsburgh to expect a damp basement, particularly in older homes. However, your basement’s very location makes it prone to problems related to moisture, which can often result in costly damage, and a damp basement is not necessarily a healthy basement.

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    Mold in My Home: What Do I Do?

    Articles below is posted on the website of the Allegheny County Health Department

     ACHD pdf screen shotMold in My Home: What Do I Do?

    This packet is meant to provide basic information to people who have experienced water damage to their home and resulting mold concerns. It describes health concerns related to mold exposure, and it also provides general guidelines on prevention, mold detection, as well as cleanup of mold-contaminated materials.

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